A La Carte Services*


Single Application Color                                   $73+

One step color application for all over color or root touch up.

Two Dimensional                                                $118+

Base color with hi OR low lites OR combination of hi & low lites.   

Three Dimensional                                             $138+

Base color and hi & low lites.                                                                 Woman's Glaze                                                   $53+

Semi-permanent color to temporarily camouflage grey and add shine. Fades in approximately 6 weeks.

Men's Glaze                                                         $38+

Semi-permanent color to temporarily camouflages grey and add shine. Fades in approximately 6 weeks.

Full Highlights                                                     $98+

Full head of foils/highlighting papers.

Partial Highlights                                                $73+

12 foil/highlighting papers.

Men's Highlights                                                 $56+

Lightener placed with foils/highlighting papers.

Balayage                                                               $143+

The process of painting on highlights directly without foils.

Ombre                                                                  $143+

Typically darker at root and blending to lighter shades along length of hair.

Foiliage                                                                 $183+

Combination of foil highlights and balayage.

Color Correction                               Hourly@$50+

For hair with compromised integrity or unwanted color.

Specialty Hair Color                          Hourly@$75+

Any color being added that is not a natural hair color.

Extra Color                                                          $28+

Additional color is needed.

Hair Cuts

Children (0-12 years)                                           $19+

Children's Cut & Blowdry (0-12 years)           $25+

Woman's Cut (13+)                                              $36+

Woman's Cut & Blowdry (13+)                          $47+

Men's Cut (13+)                                                    $22+

Bang Trim                                                                $10

Long Hair Charge  (2" below shoulder)             $10

Beard Trim                                                              $10

Beard Trim with Service                                      $7

Hair Treatments

Redken Chemistry Shot                                     $20

A concentrated formula delivering intense care for dry or brittle hair.

Lanza Emergency Treatment                            $20

For hair destroyed by severe damage or neglect, our emergency service effectively transforms damaged hair for optimal health.


Up Do                                                                     $60+

Special occasion styling in which hair is swept up and fastened off the face.


The Steel Magnolia                                               $25

Shampoo, blow-dry, style or curling iron set.


Full Perm                                                                $78+

A chemical process to make hair curly in texture.


Partial Perm                                                           $58+

A chemical process to make hair curly from the occipital bone and up.

*All services are priced at a 'starts at' rate.  Price may vary based on the specifics of your custom hair design.